Sliding tub/shower doors

When you are remodeling your bathroom there are many options you can choose when it comes to providing closure to the shower.There are shower curtains, framed glass doors, economical sliding doors, and frameless glass shower doors.As bathrooms come in many different sizes and shapes, it is important to consider the right shower doors that function well within the space.

Sliding shower doors are considered one of the most commonly used styles in the market because they are suitable for a combination of standalone showers and tubs that exceed almost 60 inches wide and feature 3 glass panels that can slide across to open and close for easy convenient access.They come with 3/8 safe tempered glass and show the pinnacle of excellence of how sliding shower doors can achieve. You can see their strength and beauty design through glass hardware with more prominent versatility.


The headrails come with a combination of wonderful radius shape and power to hold with 3/9-inch-thick frame glass.

Door hardware

The entering and exiting of the sliding tub/shower doors are quite easy they come with a 6-inch angle with a single mount C pull integrated panel and a single mount towel bar on the outside of it.When you are looking for something special for your dream bathroom these frameless sliding shower doors are ahead of their time and made with masterclass craftsmanship.

The head is made of heavy gauge aluminum that is designed for safety to carry the weight of 3/8 inch thick glass. Above all else, it comes in a decent price range.

  • Glass thickness: 3/8
  • Door hardware: one single mount of 6 inches with C pull and one 18 inches and 24-inch towel bar
  • Trim finishes: polished chrome, satin chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, and easy to clean tracks from both sides

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