Having the right door frame can help showcase your bathroom and shower space. That is why semi-frameless swing shower doors offer three distinct types of customizations that can provide some inspiration and are perfectly beneficial for your homes. A semi-frameless enclosure has framed on both sides of the larger piece, but not around the door panel. The stationary panel may not come with a competitive frame, depending on the model.

It’s ideal if you want to include the finishing without blocking the view into the bathroom shower. These frameless swing doors provide some openness to your space as well. With custom and standard sizes available semi-frameless swing shower door design can fit your particular needs. You can choose from a wide selection of glass types or six standard finishes to match the plumbing fixtures.


These semi-frameless swing shower doors come with a radius shape that adds more elegance and trademark style. They also come with a swing door option with several heights and openings that you can also get custom-made for your requirements.

It’s best to choose both because it is a famous option that is easy to use, provides a modern look, and comes at a great price.

Glass option: obscure, rain, and clear
Glass thickness: 1/16 panels, ¼ doors
Interlocking hinge rail: prevent leaking.
Trim finishes: Satin chrome, polish chrome, white, brass, oil rubbed bronze, and brush nickel.

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