Are you planning to walk in your shower upgrade? Many of our morning and evening routines revolve around the bathrooms. You spend a lot of time there, but if it’s looking claustrophobic or drab, it could be a perfect time for an upgrade.

If you are looking to renovate your bathrooms, then you have to consider custom shower doors Minneapolis MN that are incredibly important to bring afresh new change to your bathroom.Nothing is stopping you from building your dream bathroom, from personal style, the shape of the shower, lighting, space, color of the walls, patterns, and design.

Custom shower doors

Enjoy unique, luxurious, and relaxing shower doors

Custom shower doors are a new and effective way to redesign your bathroom and can be fully customized to suit whatever size space you require.

These shower doors are easy to maintain that add value and appeal to the space and are cost-effective regarding cleaning matters.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose custom shower doors with a proper guide and factors that will help you spruce up the beauty of your bathroom.

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    What is 2 + 1 ?

    What exactly are custom shower doors?

    Custom shower doors Minneapolis MN comes with many options and styles. Having a good, clean frameless, 100% pure glass shower door can show off what beautiful interior you have for the bathroom and it can be inspiring and admiring for others.

    Some standard framed glass doors come with rubber, metal, and other materials that take up big space making the bathroom more crowded, small, and an eyesore.That is where custom shower glass doors come into play to create less clutter and offer a cleaner look for the bathroom no matter what size space they have.

    Minneapolis MN custom shower doors furnish with a sleek and modern design for the current shower enclosures.These doors can oscillate enter or exit and solid hinges attached to the walls allows you a full range of motion that adds aesthetic appeal to the bathroom space.

    There are many homeowners has installed custom shower doors to make their bathrooms feel alive and reduce the maintenance cost.

    Best types of custom shower doors glass

    There are mainly 4 types of custom frameless shower doors you can pick which give bathroom efficiency and enclosure to match the finishes and layout.

    1. Best sliding shower doors
    2. Pivot shower door enclosure
    3. Bypass shower glass doors
    4. Curved custom glass shower doors

    Best sliding shower doors

    A traditional sliding shower glass door may be the best option if you don’t have room for the door to swing open.It comes with a single panel that can pivot out and gives a modern, elegant look to the shower curtain that proved to be a durable and clean structure.

    Pivot shower door enclosure

    IF you own a large bathroom, then you can consider installing a swinging glass pivot shower door that can add massive dimensions to your bathroom.The pivot door enclosure design offers to make any bathroom look and feel modern. It is also a trendy one from Minneapolis MN custom shower doors.

    You can choose a hexagonal or rectangular enclosure according to your liking as both will deliver great improvement.

    Bypass shower glass doors

    The bypass shower doors are another superb option as a sliding custom shower door that consists of two or three tempered plastic or glass panels.These panels are set inside two aluminum tracks one at the bottom and one at the top. The good thing about these shower doors is that they take up less space.

    Curved custom glass shower doors

    There is nothing like style, sleek and contemporary as curved custom glass shower doors. There are many benefits of installing them in your bathroom. Flexibility is the new word when it comes to curved custom shower enclosures.

    They come in multiple sizes and can be installed with 2 or 3 interior walls and comes at a moderate price.

    Ready for a minimalist, decorative, and commendable custom shower doors

    Design and size of shower glass doors

    When you finalize the decision of what types of custom shower doors you need, the time has to pick the design and size of the doors.There are various options available in styles, and sizes that can be customized according to your instructions and bathroom appearance.

    The standard size of a custom frameless shower door starts from 24 to 45 inches with inline panels installed it can increase up to 26 inches depending on the custom shower glass door size.

    The design of Minneapolis MN custom shower glass shower doors can make the bathroom feel brighter, airier, and larger thanks to their built-in quality. Here are some amazing designs you need to see and install in the first place including,

    Fixed Doors
    Hinged doors
    Sliding custom doors
    Folding shower doors

    Solo single shower door
    Rustic escape shower door
    Neo-angle shower doors
    Prima and panel shower doors

    What type of hardware you can choose for custom glass shower doors?

    Bathrooms are becoming more decorative, more modern, and more customized to the homeowner’s preferences and style every day.

    This incorporation and customization of styles and tastes can extend into custom shower door hardware that can blend into the rest of the bathroom’s decoration.

    The most significant step is to select the hardware for custom frameless glass shower doors. Let’s take a look at the hardware that will give you a touch of beauty and functionality starting with,

    Polished chromes
    Door pulls

    Oil rubbed bronze
    Brushed nickel

    Best custom shower door materials

    Many shower doors are built using tempered glass with either aluminum framing or stainless-steel framing.This framing comes with a chrome finish and with many other options that are available from matte black, oil rubbed bronze, matte gold, and much more

    Custom shower doors Minneapolis MN is famous to provide a tendency and modern aesthetic to make any bathroom feel bigger and increased privacy. Here are some of them you can choose,


    The glass materials come with two great options, one is standard glass that has an iron glass feature, or a green tint.This glass comes with many finishes like bubble, frosting, wave, and a custom etched pattern as well.


    Some custom shower doors have mirrors that come with incorporated hardware as door pulls and towel bars.They are made of aluminum and some are constructed from acrylic that is very hard to break but easy to clean and lower maintenance.


    The most important frame of the custom shower doors is frameless and comes with aluminum that is lightweight and can be colored with different finishes using a powered coating process.Some frames also come in stainless steel style which is less expensive but retains the modern touch in so many ways.

    What kind of shower door styles you should choose?

    Replacing or installing old shower doors can make a big difference in the functionality and look of your bathroom.When you quickly start to shop for the new custom shower door types, you will quickly see that there are various options.Many of the style decisions will be on what door style you want from etched, fogged to clear. Here are some glass shower door styles you will adore once you install them.

    Rather than selecting a bulky shower glass door, you can pick a contemporary one that gives you see through from the enclosure to create a more open environment.This custom glass door has a very minimal metal usage and makes a superb option that combined a good style and beautiful tiles.
    One of the most amazing things about modern Minneapolis MN custom glass shower doors is that they can provide a clean, crisp, and clearer style that adds all sorts of various patterns to the surface.The pattern is attractive and adds a somewhat visual touch to the bathroom you will appreciate in the first place.
    The industrial custom shower doors give you visibility between shower and bathroom to create privacy. You will get plenty of options to choose from dark fixtures and high contrast with textures embedded on its panel.
    Rain style
    Rain style custom glass shower doors are a kind of textured glass that looks like water is swimming on its surface to increase privacy and safety. This is the one you should not miss.
    The traditional custom shower doors are flawlessly functional and safer on both sides. They come with a small indentation in form of glass scatter to prevent the glass from being seen on both sides.

    Custom frameless glass shower doors maintenance

    Your custom frameless glass shower door’s brand-new look could stay for a long time with proper and regular maintenance. That is what is needed to preserve its sparkling and crystal-clear appearance.All it needs is some daily cleaning routine and doing it regularly can prevent any exposure to waterFollow these helpful tips so you can maintain the custom glass shower doors enclosure scratch-free, functioning well, and gleaming.

    Keep a clean, small squeegee, soft damp cloth in your bathroom cabinet to make the task easier.A few minutes of wiping dry the water and soap droplets can make the shower doors look new and shiny.

    Cost of custom glass shower doors installation

    Today the custom frameless shower door’s popularity has risen rapidly over the recent years, but with good reason, as they provide a clear, clean, and immaculate look that is tough to achieve with a standard framed shower door.Whichever version you go, here is the price range you should expect under your budget starting from an average of $550, $900, and $1,200 depending on your needs and bathroom sizes. Minneapolis MN also adds enhancements, improvements, and installation costs, if you are thinking to renovate your bathroom for the first time.


    Designing a new custom glass shower door is something that is a rewarding process. You need a bathroom that looks and feels more appealing, is aesthetically beautiful and gave you the ideal shower experience.

    Create a bathroom design that fits your lifestyle and needs and get it done at the right time.

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