It is our mission to enhance the beauty and functionality of a home without the customer having to break the bank.


Our VIEW philosophy is the cornerstone of all functions, decision and activities of the Euroview Companies, employees, products and customer services.



Herb Harris knew glass. As a wholesale glass salesman for a large company Herb became an expert in the glass industry and on March 1, 1961 he took that expertise and launched his own custom glass business Heights Glass and Mirror Co. originally located in Arlington Heights, IL. Herb started with what he knew best, wholesale glass sales and auto glass installation. Watching the industry trends, he saw an increasing retail opportunity in glass servicing and installation of all kinds of glass. Add to that need the growing demand for custom glass and mirror fabrication, Herb found the legs for his new venture. From tabletops to auto glass and from mirrored walls to re-glazing, Herb quickly became the local shop for everyone’s glass and mirror projects.


Heights Glass and Mirror was a decade plus strong in building its reputation in the community when home builders saw the land of opportunity in the spreading suburbs of Chicago. They flocked to the area. These home builders needed a partner for their subcontracted work and sought out trusted and reputable businesses. They turned to Herb. As new homes dotted the horizon, so did the Heights Glass and Mirror trucks as they installed their own custom shower doors and mirrors. To this day we remain and preferred supplier of many of the city and suburban multi-family and single-family home builders.


The housing boom was fun while it lasted, but faced with a serious recession the homebuilders put the brakes on more than a few projects. Those builders that weathered the stormy economy still looked to Herb for his services because he always provided a quality product at a fair price. Herb stayed strong during this period because in the Arlington Heights area he was still known as the go-to-guy for retail buyers needing that special cut of glass, mirror or glass repair.

In 1986 the business officially became a father and son adventure. Arnie Harris joined forces with his dad and quickly became a master expert in custom shower doors and mirrors. By now the Harris’s were receiving mirror and glass by the truckload weekly and custom fabricating in-house their customers’ one of a kind solution. Mirrors were cut, beveled and polished into any shape and size. In addition to the frameless tub and shower door solutions, the Harris’s offered an extensive line of framing options in powder-coated colors to match customers’ plumbing fixtures.


The 90’s was the decade of bathroom renovations. Heights Glass and Mirror was well positioned to be a premiere provider in this newly popular home renovation market. Business was booming and Herb welcomed son David Harris to the business with open arms. In reality, David started his career in the family business years before he made it official. David gained real hands-on experience as a teen spending his summers riding along and assisting on field deliveries and installations. David earned his stripes in the industry having done it all.

As the father and his two sons united into one powerful force in the industry, a brand was born. These men fabricated their own line of shower doors under the trademarked brand Euroview.

In 1994, Heights Glass and Mirror partnered with Home Depot and became a preferred in-home provider of shower doors.

Soon after the main shelving supplier to the area homebuilders sold his business in 1996, the phones starting ringing from industry partners asking the Harris’s to expand their business to include closet solutions. There began the Heights Shelving Company.


Herb took a dream and built a family business beyond what he envisioned back on March 1, 1961. Herb decided to change his view, handed his keys over to his sons and headed to Florida where he now takes time to see the beauty on the other side of the glass and not just the glass itself.

Arnie and David, learned from the best and were well armed to continue the journey. They set out and explored untapped opportunities for growth. They believed they could create mini outposts of the business in communities that held the similar home and economy landscapes as the Chicago and suburban markets. In 2009, Minneapolis became the first Heights Glass and Mirror outpost featuring the same direct to consumer and Home Depot Service Provider segments of the business. After the successful expansion into Minneapolis, a satellite location was established in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.


In 2012, the Harris brothers added custom home organization to their service provider offerings for Home Depot.

Heights Glass and Mirror came a long way from its initial conception in 1961, but the dream wasn’t over. Arnie and David were introduced to Adam Duman. Adam found a natural gem in the Harris business, and relying on his steadfast finance knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, he partnered with the Harris brothers in June of 2015. The newly formed partnership took on the legacy trademark name of Euroview.

The team quickly began retrofitting the business into a scalable platform. Euroview was afforded increased capacity through strategic investments in facilities, equipment, systems and people.

While the foundation of Euroview grew stronger, In 2017, the company expanded their collection of affordable, quality home finishing by adding in closets and window coverings.

In 2018 the Euroview portfolio of solutions grew again with the introduction of a low-voltage smart home division. Almost immediately Euroview had to invest in more resources and space allocation as the concept hit the market with a boom.


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